Hello, and welcome to Books and Bites! I’m Tif, and this is my recipe/book review blog. I stared this blog because of my growing obsession with two awesome websites: Goodreads and Pinterest (I mainly use Pinterest for discovering recipes). I wanted to start writing real reviews on Goodreads, and my best friend–who was much more serious about book reviewing–had begun a book review section of her blog, which got me thinking. I didn’t want to completely copy her, and wanted to integrate another passion of mine, so I decided to combine a book review blog with a recipe one! Thus, the idea for Books and Bites was born. I started out looking at having it just through WordPress, but when any and all combinations of books and bites (booksnbites, bitesnbooks, booksandbites, bitesandbooks, etc.) were already taken, I was discouraged. I was sitting next to my previously mentioned best friend, looking up websites to help me use “books” and “bites” to come up with a new blog title, when she told me she could host it on her personal website. I was thrilled and so grateful, and that is how booksandbites.delusionsandgrandeur.net came to be!

About the blogger:

I’m currently finishing up my degree, with plans to teach at the elementary or middle school level. In my spare time, I like to read and experiment in the kitchen, hence the blog “Books and Bites”. I intend for this blog to be a home for reviews of books I’ve read and recipes I’ve made. I am also a lover of music and video games, and a self-proclaimed geek.

A big, huge, vast, boundless thank you goes out to my BFF 7hir7een, the webmaster of delusionsandgrandeur.net for helping me have my own little corner of the internet. If you haven’t already done so, you must check out her book review blog!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy books and bites!

Happy reading, and good eating!

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