City of Lost Souls


Author: Cassandra Clare
Series: The Mortal Instruments #5
Release Date: May 8, 2012
Dates Read: May 8, 2012

Rating: ★★★★★ 

I got into The Mortal Instruments series late. I read them all last summer, when the original trilogy, City of Fallen Angels, and Clockwork Angel were all out. CoFA had just come out earlier that year. I read them all rather quickly, finishing the trilogy in under a week, and CA and CoFA shortly after. As such, I didn’t really understand all the negativity about CoFA when I joined goodreads (after I read all the books). I didn’t feel like CoG’s ending was the definitive ending to a great series, and all the loose ends were NOT taken care of. (Not that all great series(es?) get great, definitive endings. See Nightshade). So when the story continued, I was happy. CoFA definitely had a much different feel than the original trilogy, but I just saw that as all their lives being a little weird after the war. After reading CoLS, though, I can see people’s points about CoFA better now. City of Lost Souls was amazing. Even the stuff that should have been “boring”, the exposition-heavy passages were so well-written that I was glued to my Nook even when nothing was happening. It was very interesting to see what our heroes and heroines would do when their governing system failed them, in regards to Jace. Would they continue to be “Team Good” and stick to things they knew they could get away with, or would they stop at nothing—including things that would condemn them—to reclaim the lost? By the way, when they were dubbed “Team Good”, I literally laughed out loud. So much that I snorted while laughing. I felt like this book was really one for the “secondary” characters. Sure, Clary and Jace got a lot of time devoted to them, but I felt like we learned so much more about Isabelle, Simon, Alec, Magnus, Maia and Jordan than we knew before. Magnus and Alec in particular for me, as I always liked them but in this book I really *got* them. I also LOVED Isabelle’s character development. Isabelle and Simon give me warm fuzzies. Also, I know he’s supposed to be the villain, but DANG Jonathan/Sebastian is smooth (An annoyance of mine is that the characters insist on calling him Sebastian. I know that it was explained that “Jonathan” is Jace’s name to them, but he doesn’t even go by it! What about the REAL Sebastian? He didn’t do anything to them). I found myself being charmed by him and his apparent want for a family, replacing his dead father and rejected mother with a sister and adoptive brother. This book was a great transition from the catalyst in CoFA to the conclusion in CoHF. All too often, books bridging the gap like this one does end up being forgettable, and when the series is over, you feel like its only purpose was to set up a few things for the finale. I have a very strong feeling that this will not be the case with The Mortal Instruments. The only thing I really didn’t like about the book is that it was over so fast! I can’t believe we have to wait until 2014 for City of Heavenly Fire!

Happy reading, and good eating!

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