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I’m Back!


Sooooooooo I’ve been MIA for a while. A long while. Like, two months. Sorry about that. Life stuff got in the way. I actually didn’t get to read much for like an entire month. Or bake/cook much of anything. It was sad. I was really busy. The job I talked about last time is going really well, I’m actually kind of enjoying it for the most part.
As for school, let’s just say that this happened…

Which led to this happening, this past weekend!

Yay! I am a college graduate!!! Yes, my tassel is pink. Music is pink. Win. And I like the weirdness of that picture.

So, the point being, I’ve been busy and neglecting my blog. But have no fear, summer is here! And literally ALL I am doing is working less than 33 hours per week and applying for big-girl jobs. Which leaves a large chunk of time for reading and cooking! Yay! I’ve read 5 books in the last week or so, and am working on a sixth. Don’t worry, I’ve also started working on the reviews for those. ;) I haven’t had time to do much cooking yet, but I’m hoping that will change! My Pinterest account is chock-full of things I want to try. Also, I have a cute new apron that my mom got me when she and my aunt SURPRISED me and drove 800 miles to see my recital. And ended up getting stuck here for a week. Haha. So we did a lot of cool things, and I got an apron out of it. I’ll post a pic when I use it for the first time. :)

tl; dr – I’m back, and I’m working on book reviews, plotting recipes to make. Woo summer!!!

Happy reading, and good eating!



Hi everyone!
It has been a long while since I’ve posted, but don’t worry, I haven’t abandoned books and bites! I’ve just had a busy last few weeks. I got a call for a part-time job interview, and interviewed that very same day! I’ve been working close to 25 hours a week in addition to going to class 2 days a week, so I haven’t had loads of free time, and unfortunately there are things I need to do in that time that have priority over reading and cooking. :( But, I didn’t completely stop doing either in that time, so I’ve got 2 book reviews that will go up immediately, and some recipes coming soon!


Blast from the Past


When I started this blog, I intended to begin my reviews with books I’d read in the new year only, for a nice fresh start. I did this to avoid having to go back and spend time thinking over books I’d already finished so as to give them a honest and fair review with details.
However, late in 2011 I read three (two from the same series) brand-new books from undiscovered authors that were purely fun to read. Much better than many of the debut novels I’ve read that received a lot of hype and are better-known. I want to help these authors get their books out there in any way I can, because I really enjoyed their books, so I’ve decided to go back and review books from 2011 just this once. I hope you’ll read my two cents about these fantastic novels and be inspired to read them yourselves. Both series have another book coming, so catch up on Ember by E.E. Martin and The Vampires of St. Troy by Thomas Galvin before they come out!

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